Personalized Health Coaching – Starting at $99*

  • Initial 30-minute Consultation – FREE!
  • After initial consult, package options are as follows:
  • BASE: Bi-monthly check-ins plus email support
  • BRONZE: Weekly check-ins plus email support
  • SILVER: Weekly check-ins plus email and text support
  • GOLD: Silver package + additional Personal Training Plan

Personal Training – Starting at $120**

  • Walking Weight Loss Plans
  • Kick-Starter Fitness Plans
  • Targeted Strength Training Plans
  • Full Body Strength Training Plans
  • 5K and 10K Walk/Jog/Run Plans

NEW! One-Time Coaching Q&A – $85

If you’re not sure you want an ongoing Health Coach but have some general health questions, this may be a good fit for you. This one-time consultation is a great chance to chat about your wellness goals, habits and more to help set you on the right track. One hour by phone.

This is a great option for whenever you need an extra hand!

It’s hard to lose weight. It’s hard to maintain your weight. But it’s also hard to be overweight and unhealthy. Choose your hard and remind yourself that the time is going to pass anyway, so you might as well make the most of it.

*Health Coaching Plan base package includes initial consult and a check-in every other week + email support. Additional support is available. Billed on a monthly basis.

**Personal Training Plans are billed on a monthly basis.

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